Return to Play Guidelines

Due to Covid, softball will not be the same this year and we need to be vigilant to ensure everyone is safe. BSL has put together a Return to Play document for all players to safely return to the field. Please make sure you read the document to understand what is expected of you on and off the field at BSL this year. 

Return to Play document:

If you have any questions, please reach out to the league at [email protected]

Stay safe!

2020 BSL Weekly Pick up Tournaments

[written by Zahid Merchant]

Salam, We pray and hope that everyone is staying safe. As life returns to normal, we are following the province and city guidelines to resume play this season. The province has limited the number of players allowed to play in a league which has forced us to adjust our regular format. As much as we would like to have a normal season, inshaAllah there is some benefit in the new format we are implementing. A lot of our format has been borrowed from our friends at  Get Buckets Basketball League.

New Dynasty Mode format: 

1. Every Sunday starting August 9th, we will be hosting weekly pick up tournaments for registered players. Every Wednesday, a link will be sent out for players to sign up to play for that Sunday. When we reach a limit of 48 players, we will close registration for that week. (First come, first serve)

2. Players will be charged $11 for every week they sign up to play. If you cancel after signing up, you will still be charged unless a reason is provided before the draft. At the end of September, we will refund whatever money is owed to you from the $175 league fees. 

3. 4 GMs will be selected who will draft their teams for Sunday. After a week is played, new GMs will be selected to draft new teams except for the winning team from the previous week which will stay together to try and complete a DYNASTY.

3. Game format will be tournament style. One hour games starting with 1-1 count with no new inning with 10 mins remaining (max 7 innings). All teams will play each other in round robin (3 games total). Top two teams will advance to the finals. If two teams are tied, tie-breakers will be Head-to-Head, then Run Diff then Runs Scored.

4. Stats will only be kept in the finals with points for every offensive stat which will be tracked over the course of the season. These stats will not be recorded on the BSL site but on a separate site just for this season. 

5. If a team wins 3 consecutive weeks, they will be considered a dynasty and will earn additional points for their streak and then team will dissolve. (To keep a dynasty team going, 8 of 12 players need to be returning the following week)

6. Draft order will be randomized unless the GMs need to be adjusted for parity. If a dynasty team needs players, they will pick players in the same round as the players they are replacing. (Dynasty team will have last pick of the round)

Game weeks: 
August 9th, August 16th, August 23, August 30, September 6, September 13, September 20, September 27, October 3 (All-Star Tourny) 

Point structure (No errors will be recorded):  
Finals appearance: 3 points,
Finals win: 3 points, Dynasty: 5 points, Single: 1 point, Double: 1.2 points, Triple: 1.4 points, Homerun: 1.6 points, Run scored: 0.5 point, RBI: 0.2 point, BB: 0.8 point, SF: 0.5 point

Covid Safety Measures overview: 

1. Every player must complete the liability waiver for the league, understanding the risk of playing in these circumstances (Already completed) 

2. Every player must complete a weekly covid screening survey by Saturday to be allowed to play on Sunday (weekly) 

3. Every player must have their own bat/equipment in order to sign up. Sharing bats or any equipment is strongly discouraged by SPN, Baseball Ontario and Ontario Health. Our umpires may refuse to allow the player to bat if they are sharing a team bat. 

4. Each fielding team will have their own set of balls that they take with them into the field and off the field. Balls will not be shared by both fielding sides. 

5. No batting or fielding practice will be allowed prior to games. Only tossing within your own team is allowed prior to the game. 

6. Dugouts will be closed and only used by the on-deck batter. All players are required to sit in the bleachers or along the fence while maintaining physical distancing.

7. More detailed safety guidelines will be provided to all players in our Return to Play Guidelines

Preseason Update #2

[written by Zahid Merchant]

Salam, We pray and hope that everyone is staying safe during this Covid-19 pandemic. We encourage everyone to limit public interactions and practice social distancing so we can get back to our normal lives very soon iA. This pandemic has already impacted our plans for this season and we will continue to monitor the situation and follow the advise of the public health officials. The safety of our players is our top priority and will take measures to ensure we have a safe environment for everyone. We want to avoid jumping to any conclusions just yet about future decisions and are just focused on our upcoming events. There are still 75 days till opening day. 

Here are the latest updates:  

1. The GM pairings have been announced for the upcoming season. We have gone back to GM/AGM with the GM being responsibile for the team while the AGM is responsibile for league activities of the team. 

Abbasids: GM Bilal Javed, AGM Mohamed Kala
Ayyubids: GM Michael Arlitt, AGM Zain Malik
Mamluks: GM Hassan Chaudhry, AGM Hassan Chaudhary
Mughals: GM Rehan Ahmad, AGM Riyad Ramjaun
Nasrids: GM Hammad Afif, AGM Khizer Channa
Ottomans: GM Taha Iqbal, AGM Faheem Kotwal
Seljuqs: GM Umair Jabbar, AGM Imran Qureshi
Sultans: GM Yousaf Chaudhry, AGM Akif Waheed 

2. The BSL Combine on March 24th has been cancelled for the safety of our players. If the Covid-19 situation improves prior to the draft, we will attempt to schedule the combine again. 

3. Registration is scheduled to open to returning players March 24th till March 30th. Payment must be sent by March 30th to confirm your spot. Registration for new players will open after April 1st depending on the number of spots available. 

4. The BSL draft is still scheduled for Thursday April 16th at the Ink'd Loft. However, we may have to limit attendance to just GMs and live stream the draft for public safety reasons. 

5. We hope to still begin the season on May 31st but that decision will have to be made in May when we have a better idea of the public health and safety requirements by Peel Region. 

For the next few weeks, we ask everyone to follow the guidance of the public health officials to help end the spread of this virus. We pray for everyone's safety and hope we can resume our season on schedule. Stay safe and may Allah protect us all!

Preseason Update #1

[written by Zahid Merchant]

Welcome to the 2020 BSL Season. The planning for the season is underway and we wanted to share some details as they are confirmed. 

1. BSL is taking our charity initiatives to a new level this year inshaAllah. We are undertaking a major project and will be focusing all our charitable initiatives to help make this project successful. Stay tuned for more details. 

2. We need your help to find sponsors. The league is offering a discount on league fees this season if you refer sponsors. 100% of sponsorship money will be donated to charity. Contact [email protected] for more details. 

3. Tentative upcoming dates: 
BSL Combine: March 24th
Registration open for returning players: March 24th to March 30th
2020 BSL Draft: Thursday April 16th

4. With Ramadan starting on April 23rd and ending on May 23rd, we have the ability to add a couple more games this season but left the long weekends and one bye week so we can still get off-weeks during the summer for family time and vacations. Game start times maybe changing to 1pm.

Here is the tenative schedule for the 2020 season: 
Week 1: May 31st 
Week 2: June 7th
Week 3: June 14th
Week 4: June 21st
Week 5: June 28th
Off week: July 5th  (Canada Day)
Week 6: July 12th
Week 7: July 19th
Week 8: July 26th
Mid-season tourney: Aug 2nd (Exhibition)
Off week: Aug 9th
Week 9: Aug 16th
Week 10: Aug 23rd
Week 11: Aug 30th
Off week: Sept 6th (Labour day)
Playoffs: Sept 12th  
Playoffs: Sept 13th 

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