Charity Tournament

BSL Charity Tournament will begin at 9am on Sunday May 14th at PowerAde Centre (7575 Kennedy Rd S, Brampton). HGRILL will be on-site selling hot dogs and drinks. Please bring cash. Partial proceeds from food sales will go towards supporting the Quebec Families.

  • 2017 Tournament Schedule

    Tournament Rules:
  • Teams:
    - Team fees are $350 per team; Max of 15; Min of 9 players per team
    - Should a team only have 9 players, the opposing team must provide a non-fielding catcher (for pitches only).
    - Rosters must be finalized by May 10th with no further additions.
    - Each player must play at least one round robin game to be eligible for the playoffs
    - A player cannot join a game after the completion of the third inning
  • Games:
    - Home team will be determined by a coin toss
    - All games will be a maximum of 70 minutes and no new inning can begin with less than 10 minutes remaining
    - Games will be a total of 7 innings (or as long as time permits)
    - All at-bats will begin with a 1-1 count; foul with two strikes will be a strikeout
    - 5 run mercy per inning except for last inning
    - 15 run differential after the 5th inning will be a mercy end to the game
    - 3 courtesy runners per game with only the last player called out being allowed to be the pinch runner
    - Maximum 3 homerun differential (over the fence); any further homeruns are considered an out
    - All bats must have USSSA or ASA stamp to be permitted for play. Any violation will result in withdrawal from the tournament
    - Both teams are responsible for verifying the score with the umpire after every half inning
    - Any rule not mentioned will follow standard BSL rules
  • Divisions:
    - Each team will play 3 round robin games against their division.
    - The winner and runner-up of each division will move on to the semi-finals to face opposing division, with the higher seed being the home team. In the finals, the home team will be determined by coin toss.
    - Each win will be 2 points with a tie 1 point.
    - If two teams are tied, the tie breaker will be in the following order: A. Head to head B. Run Differential C. Runs Scored D. Coin Toss
  • Code of Conduct:
    - All players are expected to abide by the brotherhood code of conduct. Absolutely no swearing, taunting or trash-talking of an opponent will be tolerated. Anyone violating the code of conduct will be removed from the tournament and will be considered an out for every time he misses an at-bat during a game.

    For any questions, contact us by visiting the contact page.