Week 7 Recaps

The penultimate week started off with some blow outs but finished off with a classic. The Ottomans got a surprise re-appearance from their superstar and a superstar-less team put together a record setting performance. Here is what happened: 

Sultans v Abbasids: The Abbasids had one hope to stay in the hunt, win or be eliminated. The Abbasids got down in an early 3-0 hole on a Zain Malik two out single that brough home two. The Abbasids replied back for a pair but could never catch up. The Sultans would put up 3 more in the second on Akif Waheed's single and Shahzad Ahmed Sac fly. The Sultans would score another 4 in the 5th inning which basically put an end to the Abbasids playoff hopes. Key absences put a lot of pressure on the Abbasids which they weren't able to overcome. The Sultans move one point away from locking up a playoff spot.

Final Score: Sultans - 10, Abbasids - 5      Star of the Game - Akif Waheed - 2 for 4, 2 RBIs

Mamluks v Mughals: Whenever the Mughals and Mamluks play each other, viewership is as high as an India vs Pakistan match (the jerseys match too). The last time these two squad faced each other, the Mamluks comeback attempt fell just short as they lost by 1 run. This time the Mamluks came out fiiring on all cyclinders as they took an early 3-0 lead on an Asad Moten 3-run homerun. The Mughals replied back with a pair of homeruns from Ismail Akhter and W K to tie the game. Zain Khilji put the Mamluks back on top with a bases clearing 3-run triple. The Mamluks put up another 4 runs in the 4th courtesy of their bottom order. To make matters worse for the Mughals, gold glove outfield Nadeem Hussain had to pull himself from the field due to injury. Jibran Waqar would add two late game homeruns to put the game out of reach as the Mamluks beat the Mughals and now sit one poiint back of second place. 

Final Score: Mamluks - 18, Mughals - 5      
Star of the Game - Javwaad Ahmed - 4 for 4, 2 2B

Abbasids v Mamluks: With only pride left to play for, the Abbasids showed they won't quit as they took an early 8-1 lead on the Mamluks through two innings. The Abbasids offense once again went silent after that. The Mamluks chipped away at the scoreline as while the Abbasids went scoreless the final 4 innings. The Mamluks would eventually take the lead in the 5th inning on Umair Sheikh's reached on error. The Abbasids would get base runners in the final inning but made the cardinal mistake of being thrown out at home by Jibran Waqar to end the game.

Final Score: Abbasids- 8, Mamluks - 9 
Star of the Game -  Noor Sheikh - 1 for 1, 2 RBIs

Mughals v Sultans: 
With second place still up for grabs, the Sultans walked over to field two looking for redemption from their walkoff loss in week 4. It was the Mughals that made the opening statement with a 5 run first inning. The Sultans would load the bases themselves but would come away empty handed. The Mughals tacked on two more with a Yousaf Chaudhry homerun. GM Shamil Khadaroo would bring the Sultans back with a two run homerun to make it 7-4. Akif Waheed would make it 7-6 on a two run single. W K would give the Mughals insurance with a 2 run homerun as they would add another three runs to coast home with a 12-6 win. The Sultans left the bases loaded twice and timely hits could have change the outcome of this game.

Final Score: Mughals- 12, Sultans - 6      
Star of the Game - Yousaf Chaudhry - 3 for 4, 1 HR

Ottomans v Seljuqs: The Ottomans were stinging so bad after their 0-2 week last week that it prompted AGM Rehan Ahmad to leave Kevin Costner behind to play catch by himself at the field of dreams. The Ottomans were definitely a different team this Sunday as they poured in 18 runs. Homeruns by Rehan Ahmad, Sameer Rafique and Shoaib Bhatti fueled the offense. Rehan Ahmad finished the game 5-5 including the strangest single you will ever see in your life as he crawled half way to first on a grounder hit in the infield. The Seljuqs game went from bad to worse when superstar outfielder Imran Merchant made a brilliant diving catch but hurt his wrist in the process. We still wait for word on the severity of the injury but wish him a quick recovery.  

Final Score: Ottomans- 18, Seljuqs - 4      
Star of the Game - Rehan Ahmad - 5 for 5, 7 RBIs

Ayyubids v Nasrids: 
With Salaam cup taking over half the Nasrids offense, the Nasrids were just looking for any points on Sunday to keep themselves in the playoff hunt. However, the Spaniards got a spirited effort from their boys to put up a BSL record 30 runs. The Ayyubids gave up three mercy innings. In the 5th inning, the Ayyubids closed the gap to 16-11 but then the Nasrids scored 14 unanswered runs to run away with the game. Two homeruns from Nirvaan Latif and two more from A K solidified the result. Every player on the Nasrids got a hit as the full team contributed to the record setting win. 

Final Score: Ayyubids- 11, Nasrids - 30      
Stars of the Game - Asim Waheed 

Seljuqs v Ayyubids: In the most anticipated matchup of the season, plenty of BSL players stayed back to watch a must win game for both teams. The fans got rowdy when they heard Ayyubids ace Ali Jabbar left before the game for a wedding. Ironic considering Omer Dhaduk flew in after his wedding to make this game. The Ayyubids repaid the Seljuqs for 6 walked in runs by Atif Akhtar after the Seljuqs gave the Ayyubids  runs in week 1 courtesy of Shoaib Gaya. Now that that debt was settled, we hoped there would be a game. GM Umer Jabbar took over the mound and settled things down. With the score 9-7 going into the final inning, a Taha Iqbal double scored one and Haris Mallick drove in two with a single. An error brought in Haris for 13-7 lead going into the bottom half. Atif Pervaiz drove in Mo Kala to make it 13-8. With two out and two on, Faraaz Alvi hit a 3-run homerun to make it 13-11. The Ayyubids would keep the rally going and load the bases with Mohamed Kala up. Kala hit a shallow flair to CF which Michael Arlitt tracked down to make a game-saving diving catch to end the game and save the season for the Seljuqs. 

Final Score: Seljuqs- 13, Ayyubids - 11      
Star of the Game - Michael Arlitt - Game saving catch 

Nasrids v Ottomans: The Nasrids were looking to follow up a record breaking performance with the biggest upset of the season. However, that is where they would be brought back to reality. The Nasrids hot bats continued as they started the game with another 7 run mercy inning, their fourth of the day. The Ottomans would reply with 4 runs of their own. GM Kashif Waheed hit a 3-run homerun to increase the lead to 10-4. The Ottomans would drop a 7 spot on the Nasrids in the second to take the lead and control from then on. The Ottomans would score another 7 in the 5th on Sameer Rafique's second homerun of the game to take a commanding 20-11 lead. The Nasrids would score one more but the Ottomans get their second win of the day and take full control of the #1 seed. The Nasrids showed a spirited effort and came away with a split on Sunday to keep them in line for their first post-season appearance. 

Final Score: Nasrids- 12, Ottomans - 20      
Star of the Game - Sameer Rafique - 2 for 3, 2 HR