2016 BSL Finals Preview

2016 BSL Finals -    Mughals vs. Mamluks    - 4:00pm Birchwood 1
It's that time of year again where BSL fans high jack the rumour writers and get a chance to have an opinion off the bleachers and in the lime light. You can count on us to stir it up when their weekly updates are getting stale!

Although this outcome was a little predictable, it's bringing flashbacks of 2014 where the Merchant brothers battled it out for the title. This time it's Junior Merchant in the running, facing his Badshah Bhai on the mound. The first fan question is what these guys grew up eating... Because the cup is going to a Merchant home for the third year in a row. We might as well name the league MSL. While we try and figure out what Auntie Merchant is cooking in the kitchen...

Here's what the fans are looking forward to in this year's matchup...

Mamluks vs Mughals

The green machine vs the badshahs in blue

Young blood vs Mature minds

Rizvan's nonstop commentary on the mound vs Zahid's fierce stare down

A batting order that goes in a loop with no "weak link" vs boys in blue who know how to keep chipping away

Jibran that reminds us of art in action vs Pasha's single handed rock wall at short.

A team that exudes confidence vs unmatched chemistry on and off the field

The traditional grand buffet in the dug out vs energy drinks to keep up

Those crisp white softball pants that never seem to get dirty vs old Mughals jerseys that are getting frayed at the edges

The kid's club vs uncle oldies

It's true that some of the Mughals players were already playing league ball when the Mamluks were still in diapers.... But if baby blue can keep up with the green machine, it can make for an interesting game. Our sources tell us that the Badshahs have a few tricks up their sleeves and are ready to give the Mamluks a taste of their previous wit that won them the game last time.

For those of you still licking your wounds from getting the BSL axe this year, come and watch as the men who brought you down, battle it out for the champion title. As always... You can count on the fans to to be there loud and proud.