Week 9 Recap

The 2016 regular season has come to an end. We bid farewell to the Abbasids and Nasrids and thank them for their contributions this season. Here is what happened in the final week of the regular season: 

Sultans v Mamluks:
 TheThe Sultans were looking to find their bats before the playoffs while the Mamluks were looking to keep their hot bats going. The Sultans promoted their bottom order to the top of the order while the Mamluks kept things the same as they jumped out to a 13-0 lead. The Sultans would finally rally for some runs late in the game but didn't have the firepower to come back. Hassan Chaudhry continued his remarkable season going 3-3 to claim the batting title.  
Final Score: Sultans - 7, Mamluks - 17
              Star of the Game - Hassan Chaudhry

Ottomans v Ayyubids: Both teams looked at this as a playoff warm up but one one team came away feeling ready for the playoffs. The Ayyubids trampled all over the Ottomans in a 15-2 encounter. The entire Ottomans lineup struggled with 4 guys going hitless including their big bats. The Ayyubids took a while to find their bats and put up 15 runs in the middle three innings. The Ottomans have some soul searching to do while the Ayyubids will feel they got their mojo back.  
Final Score: Ottomans - 2, Ayyubids - 15        Star of the Game - Ali Jabbar

Abbasids v Mamluks: WhileThe Abbasids found enough guys to put together a squad for Sunday's game and played off into the sunset. The Abbasids got homeruns from Kashif Irshad and Hammad Afif to lift their spirits but they couldn't keep up with the Mughals offense. The Mughals scored 13 runs in the first two innings to pull away. The entire Mughals batting lineup got a hit and built confidence going into the playoffs. After going 0-8 last week, Mohammad Ali Pasha responded this week going 3-3. The Abbasids had a few experiments and enjoy their last evening together.  
Final Score: Abbasids - 9, Mughals- 20       
 Stars of the Game - Mohammed Ali Pasha

Nasrids v Seljuqs: In the final regular season game, the Nasrids continued their disappointing season with another loss but atleast they had fun doing it. The Seljuqs were in playoff mode as they took nothing easy on their opponents. This game was done early with the Seljuqs up 13-3 after three and they continued to pile on the runs. Sameer Rafique took player of the game for some fine defensive plays and a 2-4 evening at the plate. 
Final score: Nasrids - 6, Seljuqs - 19      Star of the Game - Sameer Rafique

We head into the second season next week with playoff games on Saturday and Sunday.