Week 7 Recap

BSL finally resumed on Sunday and there were some big winners this week. Four teams went 2-0 while the other four went 0-2 to drastically change the standings. Here is what happened: 

Nasrids v Mughals:
 The Nasrid came out hungry to keep their playoff hope alive and took an early lead on a Bilal Javed homerun. The Mughals were slow out of the gates but eventually caught up and took the lead on homeruns by Ismail Akhter and Zuhair Fancy. The Nasrids fought back in the bottom of the 7th to tie the game ona 2 run homerun by Bilal Javed (his third of the game). The Mughals rallied to fill the bases and got a break when the Nasrids pitcher botched a routine ground out to overthrow 3rd to allow the winning run.  
Final Score: Nasrids - 10, Mughals - 11
              Star of the Game - Zuhair Fancy Click to watch POTG Video

Ottomans v Mamluks: The Mamluks came flying out of gates in this one with Shahzad Ahmed hitting a 3 run homerun to give green an early lead. The Ottomans fought back and tied it up in the 4th on a homerun by Rehan Ahmad. The Mamluks offense was relentless with Basseer Yasseen hitting a triple to give them the lead and Asad Moten blew it open on a 3 run homerun. The Ottomans were unable to keep up with the offense of their opponents as the Mamluks again get a blow out win.  
Final Score: Ottomans - 10, Mamluks - 18        Star of the Game - Shahzad Ahmed Click to watch POTG Video

Ottomans v Mughals: In a big matchup for 2nd place in the standings, the Ottomans jumped out to an early 4 run lead on a 2 out rally. The  Mughals would reply back with Faraaz Alvi and Ismail Akhter homeruns. Shaheen Limbada would give the Ottomans the lead on a 3 run dinger and they went into the bottom of the 7th protecting a 2 run lead. The Ottomans walked the bases loaded and Randy Panesar drove home the tying run with the winning run on 3rd. Mo Ali Pasha hit a single right down the line to bring home the winning run against his former team. 
Final Score: Ottomans - 9, Mughals- 10       
 Stars of the Game - Mohammed Ali Pasha Click to watch POTG Video

Nasrids v Mamluks: The Nasrids jumoed out to a 2 run lead but the Mamluks bats were hot now and tacked on 7 runs on 3 homeruns in the first. N K tried to bring his team back with a 3 run homerun of his own. The Mamluks were relentless as Omer Chaudhry hit a grand slam to put this game out of reach. Baseer Yasseen went 3-3 with a homerun for player of the game honours. 
Final score: Nasrids - 8, Mamluks - 18      Star of the Game - Baseer Yasseen Click to watch POTG Video

Ayyubids v Abbasids: This game featured two teams without the GMs but one played like they didn't miss a beat. The Ayyubids jumped out to a 9-4 lead early in the game and didn't look back. The only offense the Abbasids were able to get all game were two homeruns from Rameez Siddiqi and Kashif Irshad. The Abbasids looked in disarray. The Ayyubids showed no mercy though as they pounded on the runs, led by Zaid Ghansar's 3-5 5 RBI game.  
Final Score: Ayyubids - 18, Abbasids - 5    
     Star of the Game - Zaid Ghansar  

Seljuqs v Sultans: In a huge matchup in the standings, this had the makings of a close game. In a tie game going into the 6th, the Seljuqs took control on a homerun by Imran Merchant and some small ball to take a 9-5 lead. The Sultans closed it to 9-7 going into the last inning. The Sultans loaded the bases with no outs with the heart of their order up. Ali Nazir flied out, Zain Malk flied out and W K flied out to end the game. The Sultans will be having nightmares about how they blew a golden opportunity to move up in the standings. Meanwhile, the Seljuqs get a crucial win to move past the Sultans. 
Final score: Seljuqs - 9, Sultans - 7     
 Star of the Game - Imran Merchant 

Abbasids v Seljuqs: The orangemen were already without their two leaders Ahmad Hussain and Haris Mallick but they say Rameeza Siddiqi disappear for this game as well. The Seljuqs showed no pity as they jumped out to an early 11-0 lead. The Abbasids only had 8 players and some of them looked like mannequins out there. This one looked like someone had to throw in the towel as the Seljuqs just poured in the blows with a monster homerun by Sameer Rafique as they won 18-1. 
Final score: Abbasids - 1, Seljuqs - 18    
 Star of the Game - Sameer Rafique 

Sultans v Ayyubids: In another important game, Sultans took an early 4-0 lead on RBI singles by Amir Khalil and Atif Parvaiz. However, the Ayyubids would have a 7 run 3rd inning to climb back on top that ended with a Zain Khilji sac fly. Zain Malik would bring them within 1 with a 2 run homerun in the final frame. The Sultans got the tying run on first with their GM up by he flew out to end the game. The Sultans lose two heartbreakers on the day to drop in the standings while the Ayyubids get two important wins to move up. 
Final score: Sultans - 9, Ayyubids - 10   
 Star of the Game - Ahmed Butt 

That wraps up week 7. Only two weeks left as we make the final playoff push.