2023 Playoff Rules

Welcome to the Post-season. This Saturday will be the wild-card and quarter-finals, with the Semis and Final on Sunday.

2PM: Ottomans v Nasrids
4PM: Ottomans/Nasrids v Sultans
6PM: Mughals v Ayyubids
8PM: Mughals/Ayyubids v Seljuqs

2PM: Winner Quarter1 v Mamluks
4PM: Winner Quarter2 v Abbasids
6PM: 2023 BSL Final    

Playoff Rules: 
- All games will be 9 innings
- Higher seeded team will always be home team
- There will be no reseeding, bracket format will be used
- 4 courtesy runners will be allowed for the 9 inning game (including extra innings)
- If game is tied, will go to international rule with 1 out and last out at 2B. No extra courtesy runners in extra innings.
- No practice or BP will be allowed on BW1 before or between games
- All teams must play all 12 players
- Teams can request a sub with 24 hour notice for any players missing
- Sub must bat last but can play any position
- If a sub is not used, the missing player will be an automatic out at the bottom of the order EXCEPT if the batter before the auto out is walked
- If a player gets hurt during the game, there will be no penalty for that DAY (1 or 2 games) as long as he stays in the teams dugout (except for going to hospital)
- If he gets hurt on Saturday, the team can call a sub on Sunday or take the auto out.

All games will start with handshakes and an opening dua. Good luck to all the teams. 

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