Return to Play Guidelines

BSL is taking all precautions for the safety of our players. 71 of 72 players in the league have been vaccinated so far. We will be following very similar protocol as last year to ensure we have a successful season. Please review our return to play documents for all the details for this season.

In summary:
1. No spectators will be allowed for at least the first half of the season. If you have a child care issue or something that requires a child to attend, we can discuss those situations.
2. Use of dugouts should be limited to 3 players at a time. All other players should use the bleachers.
3. Teams will be using their own game balls when fielding.

4. Gaiters will be provided and all players are encouraged to wear them when not playing
5. Players are allowed to stay back to watch other games as long as they stay away from the bleachers and avoid creating a crowd

Return to Play document:

If you have any questions, please reach out to the league at [email protected]

Stay safe!


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