Preseason Update #3

[written by Zahid Merchant]

We hope everyone's Ramadan is going well. Here are a few more updates and news to share for the upcoming season. 


1. BSL Ramadan Campaign will be launching later this week. We encourage everyone and their families to donate their zakat locally through our campaign this year. Collectively, we can make a monumental difference in our community. Stay tuned for our upcoming video and campaign website.  


2. BSL has launched our podcast series. Download Podbean to listen and comment on the podcasts. We have also added a widget on our website. Our first two GM podcasts have been released. The remaining two will be released each Thursday. We will be looking for guest hosts throughout the season so let us know if you are interested in contributing. 


3. August Schedule: 

Super Sunday was a success last season and we have extended that to two weeks this year with the additional week added this season.

Here is the schedule for August: 

August 4th - Mid-season tournament
August 11th - NO GAMES (Eid-ul-Adha)
August 18th & 25th - Super Sundays

Two brackets: 

Seed #1, #4, #5, #8

Seed #2, #3, #6, #7

Each team will play their division over two Sundays as the final regular season games.


4. 2018 BSL Committees

The committees for this season were selected based on responses in the registration survey. If you still like to volunteer, please contact us and we will find you a committee to join. We could use your skills. We are looking for additional help with graphic design if anyone has experience. 

Rumours: Hashim Ghazi (Chair), Aamir Husainy, Hamid Malik, Hassan Chaudhary, Mohamed Kala, Ibrahim Sardar, Riyad Ramjaun, Saad G, Taha Iqbal, Zain Khilji, Zuhair Fancy. 

Operations: Zahid Merchant (Chair), Imran Merchant, Jibran Waqar, Taha Iqbal, 

Discipline and Competition: Ahmad Hussain (Chair), Hammad Afif, Ibrahim Sardar, Shaheen Limbada

Charity: Shamil Khadaroo (Chair), Asad Moten, Faheem Kotwal, Hassan Zubair, Jav Ahmed, Michael Arlitt, Nirvaan Latif, Omer Chaudhry, Omer Dhaduk, Saoud Ramjaun

Marketing: Umer Jabbar (Chair), Osman Buttar, Yasser Zia, Zahid Merchant

Social Media: Hashim Ghazi (Chair), Furhan Azmat, Owais Ansari, Tausif Hussain, Umair Jabbar, Zain Malik, Zahid Merchant

Gameday volunteers: Zain Khilji (Chair), Kashif Waheed (Co-chair), Aamir Husainy, Abdullah Akhtar, Aftab Sheikh, Ahmed Butt, Akif Waheed, Aqib Khokhar, Asad Syed, Asim Waheed, Basil Jeelany, Faheem Kotwal, Faraaz Alvi, Fuzail Thakur, Hamza Waheed, Hasan Afzal, Hashim Ghazi, Hassan Chaudhry, Ibrahim Sardar, Imran Merchant, Imran Qureshi, Jibran Waqar, Khizer Channa, Khuram Channa, Mohamed Kala, M. Salman Ahmed, Nirvaan Latif, Owais Noori, Safwan Khan, Sameer Rafique, Saqib Khokhar, Shamil Khadaroo, Shawn Narine, Tamour Sheikh, Tanseer Khawaja, Umair Jabbar, Umair Wasim, Umair Sheikh, Umer Jabbar, Yousaf Chaudhry, Zahid Merchant, Zaid Ghansar, Zain Malik, Zayd Ramjaun 


Brotherhood Sports is a registered Non-Profit organization with the province of Ontario


Registration is currently closed.

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