BSL Preseason Update #3

With only 12 days left till 2018 Opening day, we are putting the final touches on preparations. The jerseys have arrived and everyone will receive their jerseys this Sunday at the exhibition games.
Here are a few more updates as we approach the season: 
1. Exhibition games have been confirmed for this Sunday June 17th at Birchwood Park. Here are the matchups: 
11am - Mamluks v Seljuqs on BW1
12:30pm - Mughals v Ottomans on BW1
12:30pm - Ayyubids v Nasrids on BW2
2:00pm - Abbasids v Sultans on BW1 
2. Opening day (June 24th) this year will be special. We will be celebrating our 5th year anniversary and plan to hold a carnival that day for the entire family. There will be a kids baseball game, BBQ, and more. Mark your calendars. 
3. Criteria for Brotherhood Award: 
The Brotherhood award is the most prestigious award in our league.  It is an award that recognizes a player who has upheld an exemplary code of conduct based on Islamic principles and has shown selfless dedication in working towards the betterment of Brotherhood Softball League. 
The winner of the award will have the following year’s league fees paid for them. The Board, GMs and Discipline committee will involved in the voting process. 
The following is the criteria used to determine the candidates:  
A.     This person has upheld Islamic etiquette during and after games as well as other league activities.  
B.     This person has demonstrated respect for teammates, opponents and league officials regardless of the game’s outcome.
C.     This person has been known to have always maintained a positive attitude even when mistakes or errors were committed on the field.  
D.     This person has been an active participant in the league by volunteering assistance throughout the season.
4. Scorekeeping ground rules: 
The competition committee has come up with a critieria to clarify the decision-making for errors and hits. This should create more consistency in scorekeeping and more clarity. 
If a ball is mishandled on a routine play as judged by the scorer, an error will be charged.   Another player may not influence the decision of the scorekeeper.  If the scorekeeper is unsure of a call between an error or hit, a hit will be awarded. 

An error WILL BE charged under following conditions:
1-  If a ground ball or a soft line drive is directly hit to the infielder and is misplayed by the fielder.  The fielder has planted both feet when the ball arrives or has taken fewer than 3 steps towards the ball.  
2-  If a ground ball or a soft line drive is handled properly but then thrown away from first base (or other bases) or dropped by the fielder receiving the throw. 
3- If an outfielder mishandles a ground ball and/or it passes under his glove allowing the runner to take another base - runner will only be awarded a single.  Similarly, if a runner takes an extra base on a bad throw, a double or triple will not be awarded.   
4- If a routine fly ball is mishandled or dropped by the fielder. The fielder must have had both feet planted at the time of catch, or takes fewer than 5 steps towards the ball.

An error will NOT be charged in the following circumstances:
5- If a fielder has to make a sudden movement towards the ball, even if ball hits a part of the glove or player.
6- If a ball is hit exceptionally hard directly towards an infielder and the ball is misplayed.  
7- If a throw is made but runner beats out the throw then an error will not be charged
8- If an outfielder drops a ball while making contact with the fence.  
9- As previously mentioned, if a fielder has to take more than 5 steps to catch a pop fly and both feet are not firmly planted. 
5. 2018 BSL Committees
The committees for this season were selected based on responses in the pre-season survey. If you still like to volunteer, please email us and we will find you a committee to join. We could use your skills. 
Write up: Hashim Ghazi (Chair), Aamir Husainy, Akif Waheed, Hassan Chaudhary, Jibran Khan, Mohamed Kala, Rehan Ahmad, Riyad Ramjaun, Saad G, Shahzad Ahmed, Taha Iqbal, Zain Khilji, Zuhair Fancy. 
Operations: Zahid Merchant (Chair), Imran Merchant, Jibran Waqar, Taha Iqbal, Zain Khilji 
Discipline and Competition: Ahmad Hussain (Chair), Hammad Afif, Ibrahim Sardar, Nadeem Hussain, Shaheen Limbada
Charity: Shamil Khadaroo (Chair), Ali Jabbar, Atif Qureshi, Imran Qureshi, Nirvaan Latif, Omer Chaudhry
Marketing: Umer Jabbar (Chair), Aftab Sheikh, Faraaz Alvi, Mohamed Kala, Osman Buttar, Yasser Zia 
Social Media: Umair Jabbar (Chair), Asim Gauhar, Furhan Azmat, Zain Malik
Gameday volunteers: Kashif Waheed (Chair), Rizvan Merchant (Co-chair), Aftab Sheikh, Ahmad Ammad, Ahmad Hussain, Ahmed Butt, Asim Waheed, Atif Khan, Faheem Kotwal, Faraaz Alvi, Fuzail Thakur, Hamza Waheed, Hashim Ghazi, Hassan Chaudhry, Ibrahim Sardar, Imran Qureshi, Jav Ahmed, Kashif Irshad, Khizer Channa, Mohamed Kala, Nadeem Hussain, Neal Irfan, Nirvaan Latif, Omer Dhaduk, Rameez Siddiqi, Randy Panesar, Rehan Ahmad, Salar Rasoul, Sameer Rafique, Shamil Khadaroo, Tanseer Khawaja, Umer Jabbar, Yousaf Chaudhry, Zahid Merchant, Zaid Ghansar, Zain Khilji, Zain Malik, Zayd Ramjaun