BSL All-Star Sunday Recap

The All-star festivities were action packed and it was a phenomenal way to finish off the season. The best of BSL put on a show for all those that turned up to watch. 

Here were the winners from the competitions: 

Pitching Showdown: Zia Beg with 21 points (New record)

Longest Throw Challenge: Imran Merchant with a throw of 208 feet

Running Bases Challenge: Sameer Rafique with a time of 13.77 seconds

Spray Hitting Challenge: Ibrahim Sardar with 7 points on 15 hits

Home Run Derby: Osman Buttar with 16 Home Runs in 4 minutes (New record)

The All-Star started off in a competitive affair until the Ansaar blew the game open in the 5th inning with a 7-spot and followed that up with another mercy inning two innings later. The Muhajir tried to mount a comeback with a 7-spot of their own but it was too little too late. The Ansaar came away with a 23-15 victory. The night wasn't done as the youngin's (Under 31) challenged the Vets to a game for bragging right. The night ended with the youngin's licking their wounds after a 22-11 defeat to the wisemen of BSL.