2017 BSL All-Star Sunday

After a fantastic season, we close down the diamond after our annual All-Star festivities. The very best of BSL in 2017 come together to show off their skills and play the final game of the season. The festivities begin at 1:30pm with the skills competition followed by the All-Star game at 4:30pm at Birchwood Park. 

BSL Skills Challenge: This year each individual competition will carry a $100 donation for the winner's team charity. Every BSL team will pick representatives from their team to participate in the Skill Competition. A player is only allowed to participate in a maximum of 2 skills competitions. The Competition will begin at 1:30PM.

Pitcher Showdown (1 pitcher per team)
Each pitcher will be allowed 30 pitches. Hitting the mat will be 1 point and hitting the targets on the mat will be 2 points. The pitcher with the highest total will be awarded the winner.

Running Bases Challenge (2 players per team)
Each player will run from home plate around the bases back to home and will be timed. Missing a base will be a 2 second penalty. The top two will face off one more time in the finals.

Longest Throw Contest (2 players per team)
Each player will get three throws from Centre Field into a box in the infield. The longest throw within the box will be awarded the winner.

Spray Hitter Challenge (1 player per team) 
Each hitter will get 15 swings to hit balls to 6 outfielders. There will be 2 fielders in LF, CF, and RF. The fielders will not be able to move except pivot. Every ball hit direct to the fielder (makes contact with fielder) will be 2 points and any ball hit after a bounce to the fielder will be 1 point. The most points after 15 swings will be the winner.

Homerun Derby (1 player per team)
Each player will get a total of 4 minutes on the clock to hit as many homeruns as possible. The player can pick his own pitcher and will have one 45 second timeout. A pitch can only be thrown once the previous hit lands. The clock will stop for any homeruns hit in the final 30 seconds only and restart once the next pitch is thrown. The player with the most homeruns will be awarded the winner. 

Following the Skills Competition, we will have the 4th BSL All-Star game. This year's top two vote getters Jibran Waqar (67) and Rehan Ahmad (65) selected their teams through a draft. The 9 inning game begins at 4:30pm. Here are the teams: