2017 BSL Finals Preview

As a chilly morning breaks on the final day of the BSL season, fans are ready to cozy up to this incredible Cinderella story that has left everyone stunned. In a true fan favourite fairy tale, this year's BSL final is one for the storybooks! And it seems as though the Nasrids finally got their ticket to the ball!

What started as another prediction for a boring battle of the blues, was cut short by some miraculous intervention by a fairy godmother sporting a '22' jersey.

Spectators were left with their jaws dropped for what became a historical upset for the league. Those who were at the field can hardly believe it, and whatsapp is on fire as the information is shared across social media.

It's true folks... the Nasrids are playing the finals today.

After years of watching from the sidelines, these boys are ready to join the big leagues. And since the fans are always biased towards the underdogs, this year we can't wait to see some magic happen at the finals.

The glory of playing for the crown is something the Mughal's are all too familiar with, but let's not forget, that even though the Nasrids may have clenched victory in the semis with nothing short of a miracle, it was the Nasrids who brought down the badshahs during the regular season, for their first taste of victory, giving the Mughals a chance to see what loss looks like.

The boys in blue couldn't sleep comfortably last night, knowing that the power of the Nasrids has the ability to shake down the crown off their heads.

Fans are expecting a flawless performance by Usama Mahmood to keep team blue from advancing on base, and the power lies with Osman Buttar and Nirvaan Latif who have to rise to the occasion with big batting performances at today's game.

All this theatrics is quite familiar for GM Zahid Merchant, who has seen his fair share of drama this season and hasn't flinched in the face of serious competition. With Bilal Javed and W K by his side, a tight D and a stellar pitching record, they are ready to steamroll across the big happy family, putting an end to their 'happily ever after'.

BSL has set up extra benches for the expected turn out of the Nasrid family. Rumour has it that they plan on showing up in big numbers and it's also been said that their fan following has already made reservations for their victory dinner. Although there's no such noise coming from the Mughals camp, sources say that they have celebrations plans on speed dial.

It's getting close and we're all holding our breath. Come witness the most spectacular match up of all times as the Nasrids step on the field to take on the fierce Mughals. We all believe in happy endings, and it's a promise that one team will happily leave the field as victors, but fans are hoping that the Nasrids are able to capitalize on their ticket to the finals and give us all a show to remember!

The stage is set for the biggest showdown in the history of BSL. Be there to witness glory. The finals start at 5:15PM