Week 6 Recaps

The second half of the season got underway on Sunday and we had some surprising upsets. The undefeated Ottomans took two shots to their record while the Nasrids doubled up their win total to move into a playoff spot. Our new recap writers found the task overwhelming so we go back to our original writer. Here is how the action went down: 

Ottomans v Mamluks: BothThe Mamluks were looking to be the first team to take down the undefeated Ottomans this year. The Turks were without two GMs Hashim Ghazi and Shaheen Limbada which left the Turkish army vulnerable. The Mamluks struck first on a two run double by Rizvan Merchant but it didn't take long for the Ottomans to reply with a three run shot from Hamza Hussain, his maiden homerun. We went into the sixth inning tied at 9s. The Mamluks took the opportunity to blow the game open with a 7 spot, led by a two run single by Zain Khilji, double by Hassan Chaudhry and triple by Jibran Waqar. In the 7th, the Ottomans replied with a couple runs but were unable climb all the way back. The Mamluks got a statement win against the leagues best while the Ottomans were humbled for the first time this year. 

Final Score: Ottomans - 11, Mamluks 16      Star of the Game - Hassan Chaudhry - 4 for 4, 3 2Bs

Mughals v Seljuqs: Blue and Red took to BW2 to start off the day and it was a tale of two halfs. The Mughals came out rocking with two homeruns and  day started off the bats of Nadeem Hussain and Waseem Kala in the first inning to take a 4-0 lead. The Mughals would grow their lead to 9-1 at one point on a Asim Qurayshi single that scored 3 runs. The Seljuqs couldn't get anything going offensively as they came into the final inning down 10-3 but that's when they woke up. They were given a lifeline by the Mughals with a pair of walks that Randy Panesar brought home on a three run dinger. The bottom order singled all around to load the bases with the winning run at first base. Imran Merchant singled and Taha Iqbal hit a bullet to third that got through the infield to tie the game at 10-10. Shoaib Gaya came up with the winning run at third base but hit into a ground out to end the game. The Seljuqs keep themselves in the playoff hunt with a remarkable comeback in the final frame. The point could be vital for them as approach the final two weeks. The Mughals however will be kicking themselves for uncharacteristicly blowing a lead that would have tied them for top spot in the league. Both teams might look back at this game once the regular season is over as either their saving grace or their opportunity cost. 

Final Score: Mughals - 10, Seljuqs 10      
Star of the Game - Taha Iqbal - 3 for 4 - Game tying RBI

Ottomans v Mughals: With the Ottomans unbeaten record tarnished, they were looking to come away with consolation to hold on to the top spot in the league. The Mughals needed this win if they had any chance of moving past the second seed. The Mughals started off hot once again on a three run monster shot by Ismail Akhter. The Mughals would blow it open in the third with 6 runs led by a two run single by Nadeem Hussain and a two run double by W K. The Ottomans would find two runs on a single by Rehan Ahmed to make it a 10-5 game. The Mughals replied immediately with a long shot by Bilal Javed and would tag on a few more in the final frame to come away with a comfortable win. The win puts the Mughals one point behind the Ottomans for top spot. 

Final Score: Ottomans- 8, Mughals - 16 
Star of the Game - Bilal Javed - 3 for 3, 2B, HR, 3 RBIs 

Mamluks v Seljuqs: 
As if a 7 run inning comeback wasn't enough for one day, the Seljuqs showed they had more magic in their bat bags. Imran Merchant and Jibran Waqar traded homeruns to tie the game at 3s in the 4th. The Mamluks would take a 9-4 lead in the 6th on an Aftab Sheikh double that scored two runs. The Seljuqs replied with a Randy Panesar three run homerun, his second of the day. Zia Ali would follow that up with a two run dinger to give the Seljuqs the lead. In the top of the 7th, Jibran Waqar hit his third homerun of the game to give the Mamluks an 11-10 lead. Imran Merchant would reply with a leadoff homerun in the 7th to tie the game. The Seljuqs would move the winning run to third base with 2 outs with Randy Panesar at the plate. On a 2-1 count, Randy would run out an infield single to give the Seljuqs a walkoff win. The Red army come away with 3 invaluable points with their season on the line, which keeps them tied for the final playoff spot. The Mamluks earn a split which keeps them in third place. 

Final Score: Mamluks- 11, Seljuqs - 12      
Star of the Game - Randy Panesar - 3 for 4 - HR, 4 RBIs

Nasrids v Abbasids: The two teams trying to get out of the cellar took battle again, the Abbasids earned their only win at the hands of the Nasrids last time while the Nasrids needed a big week if they had playoff aspirations. The Nasrids would jump out to an early 4-0 lead on RBI doubles by Osman Buttar and Zaid Ghansar. They would grow their lead to 10-0 when Osman Buttar hit a grand slam in the 2nd inning. The Abbasids would respond for six unanswered runs to bring the game within striking distance at 10-6. The Nasrids would put in another 5 runs in the 6th inning to put this game to bed. Once again, the Abbasids slow start and struggling offense let them down while the Nasrids showed they are a team that can score in bunches. 

Final Score: Nasrids- 15, Abbasids - 6      
Star of the Game - Usama Mahmood - 1 for 3 - Turned 3 double plays

Ayyubids v Sultans: 
It was black vs white in the crucial matching for standings. The Ayyubids got on the board early for a 2-0 lead but Captain Sham would hit a three run homerun in the 1st to give his team the lead. Sham would hit his second of the game in the second inning to give white a 8-2 lead. The Sultans would get a 7 run mercy inning in the third to take a 15-4 lead and never looked back. The Ayyubids would get some consolation runs on a homerun from Omer Dhaduk but the Ayyubids will feel disappointed in their effort. The Sultans however earned two valuable points playing with the minimum number of players. 

Final Score: Ayyubids- 9, Sultans - 17      
Stars of the Game - Omair Zuberi - 2 for 4

Sultans v Nasrids: The Nasrids doubled up their points total on Sunday with a second victory on the day. In one of the lowest scoring games in BSL history, both teams combined for a total of 9 runs with all those runs coming in the second and third inning. The scorekeeper was reported sleeping on the job until a foul ball woke him up. N K would give his team a two run single for a 4-3 lead and baby bro A K drove in his older bro with a single to give his squad a 5-3 lead. The Sultans would score one run but A K shut the door to give his squad a 5-4 win and a total of 4 points on Sunday. 

Final Score: Sultans- 4, Nasrids - 5      
Star of the Game - A K 

Abbasids v Ayyubids: The Abbasids needed any points in their second game on Sunday to postpone the outcome of their season while the Ayyubids could find themselves out of the playoffs if they didn't get a W. Both teams knew their seasons were on the line and  they played a heck of a game. An old saying goes, I reply to your 7 with a 7. That's what these teams did. The Ayyubids put up a 7 spot in the first and the Abbasids responded with a 7 of their own that ended with an Omer Chaudhry homerun. The game was tied in the third when Mohsin Zubair hit a three run homerun to give his team a 12-9 lead. The Ayyubids would respond with a 7 run inning that ended with a Faraaz Alvi homerun. The Abbasids would come back to tie the score in the 4th before the Ayyibubids took the lead for good on a Mohamed Kala double. The Abbasids would score one run in the final inning but would fall just short. The Ayyubids come away with a win in a slugfest while the Abbasids fall further down the standings with their season on life support. 

Final Score: Abbasids- 17, Ayyubids - 18      
Star of the Game - Mohamed Kala - 2 for 2, 2 2B, Game winning RBI