2017 Pre-season update

Spring has officially started and BSL players have begun their training regime to prepare for the upcoming season. As the temperature rises, the Board and GMs have been inundated with questions about the plans for 2017 season. We've spent the offseason working with our GMs on ways to improve the league and the schedule for this year. 
With Ramadan scheduled to begin May 26th, there are only three possible game weeks before we would break for six weeks to resume on July 9th. Therefore, we have decided to delay the start of the 2017 BSL regular season to after Ramadan, with the first weekend being Sunday July 9th. However, that does not mean there will be no softball. We will be hosting a charity softball tournament in partnership with Islamic Relief on May 14th. Details for the tournament are still being finalized.
Registration for the 2017 season will open in April for existing players with the draft taking place before Ramadan. We will not be expanding the league beyond 8 teams due to the schedule being crammed into a few months. Open spots for new players will depend on the number of returning players from last year. We will also be keeping the 2 assistant GMs per team. Further details about upcoming season will be shared shortly.
Also, we have been trying to start a weekday league for existing players and also those looking to play in a BSL environment. Unfortunately, we have not been able to find a field available in Mississauga or Milton that would meet our needs. We will continue to look for options and hope to share good news with you all soon.
Lastly, we conducted a league wide survey where 60 players responded to give us feedback about the league and players. Here are the results, thanks for all those that participated: 
How often did you read the rumours: 4.5 out of 5

Which team would you pick to play for:
Mughals - 12 votes, Ottomans - 12 votes, Mamluks - 11 votes
Which team has the best logo: Ottomans - 13  votes, Ayyubids - 8 votes, Mamluks - 7 votes
Who is the funniest player: Furhan Azmat - 12 votes, Umair Sheikh - 5 votes
Who is the most feared pitcher: Zahid Merchant - 29 votes, Rizvan Merchant - 8 votes, Tanseer Khawaja - 7 votes
Who is the best fielder: Jibran Waqar - 26 votes, Imran Merchant - 11 votes, Taher Mirza - 6 votes
Who is most dangerous hitter: Rehan Ahmad - 29 votes, Shahzad Ahmed - 12 votes, Jibran Waqar - 8 votes 
Most Common Feedback: 
- Mention how brotherhood was shown during games in the rumours
- More off the field events
- Make time to pray together
- Cut out any trash talking or taunting
- Reduce homeruns in some way

We are humbled by the support and hype surrounding the League, and are itching to get back on the diamond as much as you are. Hopefully we will see you all out at the tourney on May 14th - hit the cages!