2017 BSL Awards

Congratulations to our 2017 BSL Award winners: 
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Rookie of the Year:  Omer Dhaduk - Ayyubids

Most Improved Player: 
Akif Waheed - Sultans

Mid-Season Tournament MVP:  Aftab Sheikh - Mamluks

Gold Glove Award:   C - W K, 1B - Umair Sheikh,  2B - Aftab Sheikh, 3B - Nirvaan Latif, SS - Jibran Waqar,   P - Zahid Merchant, OF - Taher Mirza, OF - Michael Arlitt, OF - Osman Buttar, OF - Umair Jabbar

Batting Title: Rehan Ahmad - Ottomans

All-star Game MVP: Jibran Waqar - Mamluks

Strike Out Champion: Tanseer Khawaja - Sultans

Homerun Title: Jibran Waqar - Mamluks

Best Pitcher Award: Zahid Merchant - Mughals

Best Offensive Player: Rehan Ahmad - Ottomans

Regular Season MVP: Rehan Ahmad - Ottomans

Playoff MVP: W K - Mughals

Brotherhood Award:  Asim Waheed - Nasrids