2021 Champions - Seljuqs

The Seljuqs beat the Sultans in the 2021 BSL Final en route to the franchise's first title.  The game started slow with the Seljuqs jumping out to a 3-2 lead heading into the 6th inning when Zain Khilji hit a grand slam followed by a Riz Merchant solo HR to give the Seljuqs a 9-2 lead. The Sultans would chip away and found themselves down by 5 runs with only 4 outs left to play with. Atif Khan drew a walk, followed by an Ahmad Ammad single when Jibran Waqar stepped up to a hit monster HR to give the Sultans hope. The Sultans would bring home 2 more runs on a Hamid Malik double to tie the game going into the 9th. With the top of their order up, Sameer Rafique hit a double and Captain Umair Jabbar hit a 2 run dinger to give his squad the lead again. Up 3, the Seljuqs held the Sultans in the bottom half to clinch the title.  

The title was the third for Khizer Channa (2017, 2018); the second for Baseer Yassen (2016), Rizvan Merchant (2016), and Sameer Rafique (2019); and the first for Umair JabbarOmer Dhaduk, Saoud Ramjaun, Zain Khilji, Saqib Khokhar, Shoaib Gaya, Tausif Hussain and Zaid Ghansar. Congratulations! 




Playoff Rules & Schedule

Playoff Rules
1. The format of the wild-card will be a 9 inning game but the game is over if the higher seed is winning after 7 innings. The game will continue to 9 innings if the lower seeded team is winning after 7 innings. 
2. In the wild card game, each Captain will have a chance to pick their open inning in either the 7th or 9th inning. It must be called to the umpire before the first pitch of that inning.
3. The Semi-finals and final will be a standard 9 inning game. 
4. Games will be capped at 120 minutes if 9 innings cannot be completed. 

 Playoff Schedule
August 29th (Wild Card)
Game 1: 2pm - #2 Seed vs #1 Seed (For 1st place in playoff seeding)
Game 2: 4pm - #6 Seed vs #3 Seed (Elimination game)
Game 3: 6pm - #5 Seed vs #4 Seed (Elimination game)

September 11th (Semi-finals)
Game 4: 3:30pm - Winner game 3 vs Winner game 1
Game 5: 5:45pm - Winner game 2 vs Loser game 1

September 12th (Final)
Game 6: 4:30pm - Winner game 5 vs Winner game 4


Spectator Guidelines


With the Province now entering into Phase 3 of its reopening plan, the City has increased capacity limits at Birchwood Park. As a result, BSL is thrilled to welcome spectators back to attending our games.

There will still be guidelines in place for spectators and players to ensure everyone's safety. As an organization, we are still responsible for our rented area at the park so we ask everyone to follow our guidelines.

  1. Spectators are required to sit in the designated areas as labeled at Birchwood Park and are required to bring their own lawn chairs.
  2. We request that spectators only interact with its household members, and maintain social distancing when interacting with non-household members. Where social distancing is not permissible, spectators should wear a mask.
  3. Further, we ask that spectators limit interaction with players outside of the designated spectator area. Spectators will not be permitted in dugouts or any other area that is not designated specifically for spectators. 

We are really excited to see our friends, family and supporters at games, but need everyone's cooperation with the league spectator policy and provincial guidelines. Please stay safe insha'Allah and welcome back!

Our dedicated spectator areas are: After the 3rd base dugout on Birchwood 1 and the bleachers on Birchwood 2. 


Return to Play Guidelines

BSL is taking all precautions for the safety of our players. 71 of 72 players in the league have been vaccinated so far. We will be following very similar protocol as last year to ensure we have a successful season. Please review our return to play documents for all the details for this season.

In summary:
1. No spectators will be allowed for at least the first half of the season. If you have a child care issue or something that requires a child to attend, we can discuss those situations.
2. Use of dugouts should be limited to 3 players at a time. All other players should use the bleachers.
3. Teams will be using their own game balls when fielding.

4. Gaiters will be provided and all players are encouraged to wear them when not playing
5. Players are allowed to stay back to watch other games as long as they stay away from the bleachers and avoid creating a crowd

Return to Play document: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uSAVzdmHrXgqNSDiYeljO8qUL9kj4R_G/view?usp=sharing

If you have any questions, please reach out to the league at [email protected]

Stay safe!

Introducing Your 2021 BSL Rosters

[written by Hashim Ghazi]

This Sunday, our GMs participated in the 2021 BSL draft where 66 players were drafted. The night featured many surprises and trades. Every team feels they have what it takes to claim the title this year.

Here are your 2021 BSL rosters.

BSL Season 8 will lead off with a slate of exhibition games on July 4.  The first pitch of the regular season will be thrown on July 11th.  Good luck to all the teams and let's play ball! 

Preseason Update #3

[written by Zahid Merchant]

Registration is complete The permits are booked. The GMs have been selected. Are you ready for the draft?  

2021 season updates: 
1. We will be running 6 teams this year for a more management environment. We hope to expand back to 8 teams next year.  Here are your GM pairings for 2021: 

  GM Bilal Javed, AGM Mohamed Kala
  GM Omer Chaudhry, AGM Zain Malik
  GM Rehan Ahmad, AGM Riyad Ramjaun
  GM Taha Iqbal, AGM A R
  GM Umair Jabbar, AGM Shoaib Gaya
  GM Yousaf Chaudhry, AGM Imran Qureshi

2. The BSL draft will be held virtually on Sunday June 27th at 9pm. Players will be able to follow along online. 

3. The trade deadline is set to Tuesday July 6th. No trades are permitted after that.   

4. With 6 teams, the bottom 4 teams will have to play a wild card game on August 29th to make the semi-finals. The format of the wild-card will be a 9 inning game but the game is over if the higher seed is winning after 7. Semi-final on September 11 and finals on September 12 will be a normal 9 inning game. 

5. Each team will have 12 players and a dedicated sub. The dedicated sub will only be able to play if the team has 9 or less players. The dedicated sub can play any position and bat anywhere. Any other sub can only play catcher and bat last. 

6. The schedule for the season is as follows (unless something changes). Every week, 2 teams will play a back to back doubleheader from 2 to 5pm on BW1. Followed by the remaining 4 teams from 5 to 8pm. 
Exhibition: July 4th  
Week 1: July 11th
Week 2: July 18th  
Week 3: July 25th
Off week: August 1st  (Civic Day)
Week 4: Aug 8th
Week 5: Aug 15th
Week 6: Aug 22nd
Wild card: Aug 29th 
Off week: Sept 5th (Labour day)
Semi-finals: Sept 11th  
Finals: Sept 12th 

Preseason Update #2

[written by Zahid Merchant]

We are back on course to start the 2021 BSL season inshaAllah. We are still waiting for guidelines for leagues to be announce by the Province but we are moving ahead with the start of the 2021 season. Here is the latest based on the information we have. Plans are subject to change based on provincial guidelines. 

2021 updates: 
1. For the safety of all players, it will be mandatory for players to be vaccinated (first shot) before they are allowed to play in the league. If you cannot get vaccinated for a medical reason, please contact the league. 

2. Registration for the 2021 season will open on Monday June 7th. Returning players will have first access. Cost of the season will be $130. 

3. There will be some minor changes for the upcoming season based on the provincial restrictions. Teams will be set into 2 divisions for the first half of the season and may have to play doubleheaders against the same team. 

4. Here is the projected schedule if the province opens on July 4th.   

Here is the tenative schedule for the 2021 season
Exhibition: July 4th  
Week 1: July 11th
Week 2: July 18th  
Week 3: July 25th
Off week: August 1st  (Civic Day)
Week 4: Aug 8th
Week 5: Aug 15th
Week 6: Aug 22nd
Play-in: Aug 29th 
Off week: Sept 5th (Labour day)
Playoffs: Sept 11th  
Finals: Sept 12th 

We will keep you updated as more details are available inshaAllah. 

Stay safe and hope to see you soon.   

Preseason Update #1

[written by Zahid Merchant]

Welcome to the 2021 BSL Season. As the weather improves, we all start getting the itch to get back on the diamond. There is still a lot of uncertainty on what our summer will look like and the plans for the upcoming season will be re-evaluated as we get closer to May. We will be launching our Ramadan campaign in mid-April, stay tuned for more details. 

2021 updates: 
1. We need to know how many returning players are interested in playing this year as this will help us make decisions for this season. Please fill out this survey: https://forms.gle/NsngRXoG6ikMgnss6 

2. We are hoping we can run an organized season in 2021 but we can only do so if cleared by government restrictions and league management is comfortable there is little risk of the season getting distrupted. Most likely scenario is to start with 'Dynasty' similar to last year and potentially starting a season in July. Same restrictions on sharing equipment will be in place this year.  

3. Registration will open in mid April with a deposit required from all players that want to play this year. 

4. With Ramadan starting on April 13th and ending on May 12th, the following weekend is Victoria day so it is unlikely we will start that weekend.  

Here is the tenative schedule for the 2021 season
TBD: May 16th  (Eid-ul-Fitr weekend)
TBD: May 23rd  (Victoria Day)
Week 1: May 30th 
Week 2: June 6th
Week 3: June 13th
Week 4: June 20th
Week 5: June 27th
Off week: July 4th  (Canada Day)
Week 6: July 11th
Off week: July 18th  (Eid-ul-Adha weekend)
Week 7: July 25th
Off week: August 1st  (Civic Day)
Week 8: Aug 8th
Week 9: Aug 15th
Week 10: Aug 22nd
Week 11: Aug 29th
Off week: Sept 5th (Labour day)
Week 12: Sept 12th  
Week 13: Sept 19th 

We will keep you updated as more details are available inshaAllah. 

Stay safe and hope to see you soon.   

Return to Play Guidelines

Due to Covid, softball will not be the same this year and we need to be vigilant to ensure everyone is safe. BSL has put together a Return to Play document for all players to safely return to the field. Please make sure you read the document to understand what is expected of you on and off the field at BSL this year. 

Return to Play document: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hfJtRJl6dW6s2lUPUlIAgeReDsRn5nbZ/view?usp=sharing

If you have any questions, please reach out to the league at [email protected]

Stay safe!


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